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Autizma welcomes feedback.
Below are just a handful of comments we've received from our clients.

“Thank you! - Barnardo’s can now maximise the support sessions!

Great session, honest approach, good perspective, insightful, clear and a breath of fresh air from

usual training! Thank you!"

Amy Leech, Service Lead for Manchester Barnardo’s

The information delivered will help enormously!


Jenny Peoples - Paediatrics Ward Manager, Stepping Hill Children’s Hospital


Lyndsey is the most self-aware person I have met. I have learned more in these two hours than
ever previously! I have realised so much about the young people that I have worked with over

the years. Thank you!

H.Doona - School Nurse

Excellent Presentation, Very Insightful. Should be delivered to Schools including the children!

Zoe Cullinane- Speech and Language Therapist

“You've Saved the relationship with me and my son”
“It's like pain relief...!”

“This course has been delivered like two consultants and psychiatrists, BUT even better!”

Parents and Individuals affected by Autism

This was some of the best training I have been on. It was relevant, thought provoking and will have an immediate impact on how I approach certain situations. Fantastic!

Siobhan Pollitt, Chief Executive, Back on Track

Benny a Social Worker From Manchester

It is my professional opinion that Autizma is an organisation which has come in time and will have long term impact in families and communities where autism has previously prevented individuals and families from moving forward. I have recommended and will continue to highly recommend it to families and professionals.

Fostering and Adoption Services, Manchester Local Authority

I personally feel that I have been taught different techniques when working with individuals which was oblivious to me before-hand.  I thought the course provided a lot of information on Autism and good techniques on how to manage behaviour in the home

Children, Families and Social Care, Manchester Local Authority

It’s been a pleasure working with such a dedicated and committed provider

Paula Lentini, Families First Practitioner, Directorate for Families Health & Wellbeing, Longsight District Office, Manchester Local Authority

Tina and Lyndsey were very professional whilst also having the ability to relate to their audience in a real and meaningful way. Probably the best two trainers I have come across in ages

Parent of a young lady affected by Autism, Tameside. 

Thank you so much for your help!, Couldn’t have done it without you

Dave Poole, Early Help Practitioner, North Early Help Hub, Directorate for Children and Families, Manchester City Council

As a Support Worker I am coming across more and more families who are affected by Autism.  Before the training my knowledge on Autism and how it affects families’ lives was limited, however I now feel after the training that I am more aware of the issues these families are facing on a daily basis. I also felt that it was a good idea to have people on the course that are directly affected by Autism,  as they were able to give personal and first-hand accounts of the daily struggles they have to deal with in order to ensure their children are given the chance to progress especially in school. I feel the work that Autizma do is really important.  They can offer families and Agencies support and give them valuable information/advice/training on Autism. The work they do in schools with teachers and pupils is also invaluable and helps to ensure children with Autism get the same chances as everyone else.

Gail Byrne, Training and Development Officer Wigan and Leigh Carers Centre.

Autizma delivered an Autism Understanding Emotions, Communications and Behaviours for parent carers of someone with Autism at Wigan and Leigh Carers Centre in March 2017 and Feedback from carers included: 


  • Super course. Very informative

  • Excellent training from Autisma. Please share their details with Local Authority/ roll out training.

  • Yes! Please get these ladies local schools to deliver proper autism awareness!

  • Informative, +gained quite a lot of information

  • Very informative

  • This course offered very valuable information and I’ve learned a great deal by attending

  • Thank you – it has been the best two days!

The Tutors knowledge of their specialist subject and their own personal experiences enhanced the carers learning and the feedback from the carers has been fantastic. I will definitely be looking at ways that the Carers Centre can work with Autizma in the future and ensure more carers can access this wonderful training. 

If you would like us to display your feedback about the Autizma Training you have received.
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