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Meet the People Behind Autizma


Autizma Trainer and Family Services Director


Lyndsey is an experienced parent, carer and Autizma trainer which comes from her passion of being a mum of  a son whom has autism  and severe allergies. Lyndsey herself has specific learning difficulties and dyslexia and has differences with communication, social interaction and sensory dysfunction.


During her journey she has acquired extensive knowledge, understanding and confidence in her work, which enables great competency in providing high quality services to those affected by Autism and their families. Involving real life experiences and strategies in her teaching helping families to develop valuable skills.

Lyndsey's mission is to further help, support and enable progress for individuals affected by autism/associated conditions and to enable a better quality of life, which they and their families deserve.

Lyndsey has a Diploma in Autism, holds an Train and Trainer Certification from The National Autistic Society and has attended extensive training in the areas of Safeguarding with children with disabilities, Domestic Violence and Abuse, Identifying and Responding to Sexual Behaviours, Sexual Exploitation, Loss, Grief and Bereavement and associated ASD spectrum conditions including ADHD and PDA (Pathological Demand Avoidance). 

Jodie is an experienced Independent Supporter, mother to four
children who have autism, sensory issues and allergies. Jodie herself
is Nero diverse and has dyslexia.
Jodie has qualifications in Health and Social care, Nursery Nursing,
Teacher Assistant, Dyslexia, ADHD, Autism, Independent support in
Jodie also works voluntary for parent/carers in Greater
Manchester, a member of her children’s schools Parent Teacher
Association and Parent in Action group
Jodie has taken part in helping the ‘Our Manchester Approach’ will
see services working together providing personalised support that
helps people manage their health conditions better, stay
independent, and get their health services closer to home .
Jodie has attending training in multiple areas ranging from
Reasonable Adjustments, Ehcp, Safeguarding and Emotional

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