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Our Services

We are a ‘positive behaviour change’ learning provider.  Dedicated to improving the lives of those with autism and associated health conditions . Autizma works in partnership with The National Autistic Society and are registered with The UK Register of Learning Providers (UKRLP) and is a Member of the Health Charter for Learning Disabilities.

Our work includes recommendations made by the Positive Behaviour Support Academy,  NICE guidance and The Equality Act 2010. Autizma are an approved provider for Manchester City Council Social Care and the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership (Learning Disability and Autism Ethical Purchasing System) and Manchester Adult Education. 

Autism, Associated conditions including; ADHD and PDA (Pathological Demand Avoidance) and Neuro-diversity and Complex needs.

We provide various Training and Consultancy Services to the education, health and social care sectors and practitioners. Including Manchester Adult Education and the DWP.


We deliver courses, programmes, school/ education and work assessments and advocacy as well as undertake 1-1 assessments, environmental assessments, transitions between environments and case manage individual caseloads. We can also provide introductory sessions / speeches to give your staff a broad overview of the types of issues people with Autism face.


We collaborate with our partners across health, education, social care, criminal justice and third sectors to contribute to reducing people's health inequalities, improving mortality rates and quality of life. 

Our focus is on understanding - what autism is, what autism means and how it affects those who have an autistic spectrum condition and their families and carers.

 We are committed to improving the knowledge of workforces in every sector as we believe that the more knowledge people have about autism, the better the lives of those with autism will be!


Here are just some of the course content Autizma provides

  • Autism, the law and how best to advocate

  • What is autism? Areas of Autism and how they affect individuals with an Autistic Spectrum Condition

  • ADHD and associated conditions

  • Autism and Associated Health Conditions

  • Autism and likely associated Sensory Differences - with practical strategies to support

  • Communication strategies including Social Stories

  • Autism, Safety, Puberty, Hygiene, Sexuality

  • The Importance of Food and of Leisure

  • Issues relating to School/Education/Work and how to help

  • Creating an Maintaining an Autism Friendly Setting

  • Understanding Behaviour and strategies to minimise

  • Strategies to help individuals manage, understand and express emotions

  • How to best support individuals and families affected by Autism and associated conditions.

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