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Here are just some of the course content Autizma provides

  • Autism, the law and how best to advocate

  • What is autism? Areas of Autism and how they affect individuals with an Autistic Spectrum Condition

  • ADHD and associated conditions

  • Autism and Associated Health Conditions

  • Autism and likely associated Sensory Differences - with practical strategies to support

  • Communication strategies including Social Stories

  • Autism, Safety, Puberty, Hygiene, Sexuality

  • The Importance of Food and of Leisure

  • Issues relating to School/Education/Work and how to help

  • Creating an Maintaining an Autism Friendly Setting

  • Understanding Behaviour and strategies to minimise

  • Strategies to help individuals manage, understand and express emotions

  • How to best support individuals and families affected by Autism and associated conditions.

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